Arlan and Nicole // Buenaventura Golf Course Wedding


Let me start here: I cried more at Arlan & Nicole’s wedding than I will probably cry at my own.

This wedding was the first time I had the honor of photographing two of my very close friends as they committed to a lifetime by each other’s side in front of their families & all of our best buddies. Their relationship was one we all looked up to as we graduated high school, trudged through college, and tried to meet up each year for Thanksgiving bar nights and Christmas gift exchanges. Finding out that they were engaged was the BEST news, and we felt so proud and excited as a little family of friends.

When the day came, I was so excited to spend the day celebrating Nicole & Arlan and even more honored to be able to photograph their inevitably stunning and laid-back wedding.

My most vivid memories from the day are from a ceremony so sweet, so full of love, and so emotional that I don’t think I’ll ever forget the FEELING of being there. First, laughter spread through the guests as our friend Cindy serving as the flower girl (woman?) walking down the aisle, SPINNING and dropping flowers onto the walkway. Soon after, Iron & Wine played softly as Nicole walked down the aisle with her father, and as I turned to Arlan to photograph his reaction… what I first noticed was half of his groomsmen bawling. Arlan had his hands placed on his knees and over his face respectively, completely overcome with emotion and seemingly with disbelief that he was watching the love of his life cascade toward him for their wedding ceremony. With tears welling up but not quite falling, Nicole locked eyes with Arlan as he sobbed and attempted to breathe before she reached the end of the aisle. It was a magical thing. Just like the movies, but better.

Their wedding ceremony was beautiful and sweet, and the party after was complimented by hysterical speeches, an unbelievable musical performance by some of our friends & some of the couple’s family, and an unforgettably lit dance floor.

It was one of the first times I felt that wedding photography was something I wanted to pursue with my whole heart. Arlan and Nicole are so dang special to me, and I feel that it was a true gift to be a part of their wedding & their absolutely incredible love story.

sara knobel