Ben and Jess // Brookview Ranch Wedding


Ben fell in love with Jess in the 6th grade.

No, seriously, he walked up to us at lunch, and said “Guys.. I’m in love with Jessica Dorthalina.” We all laughed.

I’ve known Ben since we were 11, and we’ve been close friends for more than half our lives! An awkward 11-year-old who’s hobbies included physical comedy & snacks, Ben knew VERY early on that Jessica was the woman for him.

12 years later, in his vows, he detailed a heart-hugging story about his journey to their wedding day. He spoke about how he struggled to be patient & wait for Jessica to realize that he was the man for her, and how despite them having very different lives, different passions, and different social circles in school, he always knew she was it. He patiently stayed committed to doing whatever it took to show her that he could take care of her, give her a beautiful life, and love her unconditionally. There was not a dry eye at Brookview Ranch when Ben professed his love for Jessica through his sweet, meaningful vows.

Jess’s path to Ben was a bit different! She was pretty independent, and never really noticed him in the way he noticed her until after we all graduated high-school and connected. But after that reconnection, she knew he was right all along— they were meant to be together and would make the perfect team for life. When our friend group heard that they, after all these years, had officially gotten together, we collectively knew the calendar didn’t have far to turn before he proposed. We were right. :)

Ben & Jess’s wedding was the greatest high-school reunion of all-time. Dozens of our friends, who find it hard to orchestrate plans as a group of 40-ish, gathered to celebrate our favorite couple under beautiful arching trees. I hadn’t gotten to spend much time with Jess leading up to the wedding, but after half the day had passed, I knew she’d be a friend for life. Ben is a LUCKY MAN, as Jess is patient, gentle, kind, and cute as HECK. If you offered me $4,0001 to find one of Jess’s flaws, I couldn’t do it. I don’t think any exist.

The wedding was perfect. Joy was SO evident during the ceremony in every guest’s smile, and the reception was complete with heart-felt speeches, beautiful first dances, and fantastic energy. A highlight was Ben dancing with his late mother’s best friend—she couldn’t stop smiling the entire time, and I knew from my memories of Ben’s mother that she was watching & smiling down on the occasion. It was emotional, but the most prominent emotions were joy & love.

Ben & Jess’s wedding will be one of the greatest memories of my career, always.