Christie and Garrett's San Diego De Alca / Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Wedding


Garrett & Christie, two tall majestic humans, met serendipitously at a bar with their friends and the rest is history.

Upon meeting Christie, I felt like we’d been friends forever, and I was so thrilled to document the day she married her love. Christie’s bridesmaids were wonderful—one being my previous bride!—and I had a blast spending time with them as we occasionally glanced out the window at the STUNNING San Diego waterside. Garrett and his groomsmen were hysterical, and though it was a struggle to get them to smile in photos and not jump into each other’s arms or kiss each other… I loved every moment (because I couldn’t stop laughing). Throughout the day, both Garrett & Christie were calm & goofy, simply taking everything in at the ceremony & subsequent celebration of their love.

After their first kiss as husband & wife at their stunning Mission ceremony, and following some portraits around the Mission’s garden, we all hopped in a stretch limousine for a wild party-ride to their reception. I knew from the afternoon and the limo ride that the rest of the day would be HYPE.

With a bit of down time once we arrived at the reception site, the newlyweds and I snuck away for some portraits. While the sun set, they were able to spend quiet time dancing between boats, making out in public, and being photobombed by a nearby yachter. It was a blast.

At the reception, Christie and her dad performed the sweetest choreographed father/daughter dance, and the kids in the family showed off their break-dancing moves on the dance floor. Their friends & family partied the night away, celebrating a couple that was so clearly meant to be. It was an honor to be a small part of their wedding!

Since their wedding, Christie has become one of my real-life pals! She is such a positive light, radiating joy and goodness in everything she does. ALSO, I’ve been able to follow along in her journey as she & Garrett prepare to welcome a BABY SECRET! I am looking forward to shooting their maternity photos later this year. LIFE IS GOOD, PEOPLE!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Secrets, soon to be upgraded to Mom & Dad.

sara knobel