Megan & Adam // Thousand Oaks Engagement Photos


I met Megan & Adam at a Starbucks on the rainiest day ever recorded in Southern California (don’t fact check me) and 5 minutes into our ~meeting~, I firmly decided I wanted to be friends with them in real life.

Megan has this undeniable warmth about her—paired with a bright & beautiful smile—that immediately made me feel comfortable and drawn to her. Adam has a dry, wonderful sense of humor and ALLEGEDLY loves beer just as much as I do. Needless to say, I felt like I’d known them for much longer than.. one coffee.. by the end of our first meeting.

These two met a few years back on a dating app (they freakin’ work people) and recently, Adam proposed while they were doing something they share a love for and something I have no idea how to do: snowboarding! I was so flattered when Megan & Adam decided she wanted me as their wedding photographer—though they didn’t quite have a date or a venue.

The wedding planning process has been wild for these two, and honestly, I never thought about how much went into planning a wedding until I.. started attending them for my career! Throughout the venue hunt, it was so fun to hear from Megan every step of the way and to know she valued my opinions & input. At the core of their vision for their wedding was one priority: having all of their friends and family in one place. With that in mind, everything slowly fell into place.

WELL WELL WELL, these two now have 1) a wedding venue, 2) a wedding date (HELLO 21ST NIGHT OF SEPTEMBER) and 3) some pretty fun engagement photos. Shooting these was a BLAST, and it’s evident when I look back on the images from our session that these two have the time of their lives together. From silliness to romance to the occasional leprechaun jump, Megan & Adam’s connection is undeniable.

Ok, photos. I need to stop talking and show you the photos!