Keith & Kelly // Heritage Museum of Orange County Wedding


Keith & Kelly met when they were 13 & 14 years old and have almost a decade-long love story. Their wedding was a clear product of their unique love, and was filled with an electric energy that is hard to put into words. The support of their tight-knit Church & community, the adoration of their friends & family, and the heart they put into planning the perfect celebration was clear in every element of the day.

There were so many memorable moments and highlights throughout the day, so I’ll just start at the beginning!

In the early afternoon, in separate houses and surrounded by their bridesmaids & groomsmen, Keith & Kelly opened gifts & cards from one another. Kelly read Keith’s card aloud in front of her girls, and his poetic words (Keith is SUCH a beautiful writer) brought tears to each of her friends’ eyes. She then opened Keith’s gift—a diamond cross necklace he thoughtfully picked out for their wedding day—as her friends ooh’d and aah’d. At his grandmother’s house a few miles away, Keith laughed and swooned while reading Kelly’s card in front of his groomsmen before opening her gift to him—a pair of headphones he’s wanted forever! The photos of him opening the gift crack me up. He was stoked.

Before leaving the house, Kelly’s bridesmaids prayed over her and shared a beautiful, quiet moment together before the excitement of the day began. 

Down the street, at the church they both grew up attending, Keith & Kelly said “I do” in front of all of their friends & family. Their ceremony was personal and beautiful, and their processional parade of flower girls & ring bearers was the cutest sight I’ve seen in a while. I was so excited as they walked up the aisle as husband and wife… that I may have run STRAIGHT into a table. I’ll spare you the photos of their reactions (lol) but let it be known—I did not fall!

After the ceremony, K & K and their wedding party loaded onto a party bus to head to the reception venue. By the time I met them at their reception site, it was clear they’d been PARTYING on the bus (Instagram stories confirmed my suspicion)—everyone was sweaty, laughing, and hyped. Once at the venue, we battled the 100º heat to take wedding party & family photos, and then got to romp around the venue to take portraits of Keith & Kelly.

The reception venue they chose—The Heritage Museum of OC—was a vibrant, summery, and beautiful place to celebrate. From the rows of citrus orchards to the historical Victorian houses around the venue, the space created the perfect setting for the best party ever. I loved the thought that Keith & Kelly put into their guests’ experience—they got cute succulents for all of their guests to take home, there were custom Murphy corn hole sets for cocktail hour, and later, there would be an ICE-CREAM TRUCK with the TASTIEST ice-cream bars for guests to enjoy. 

More highlights of the second half of the day included epic grand entrances from Kelly & Keith’s wedding party, a 30-minute father-of-the-bride speech by Kelly’s dad recounting her entire life, a choreographed dance to “Apple Bottom Jeans” that Keith & his mom broke into (after the typical slow dance to a ballad,) and that aforementioned ice-cream truck.. yum. 

K & K’s wedding was personal, spiritual, love-filled, and unforgettable. It was an honor to be a small part of their celebration and to bear witness to the beginning of their life as husband and wife, and the continuation of their beautiful love story. I am STOKED that their best man & maid of honor are engaged and that I’ll be at their wedding next summer and get to spend more time with Keith & Kelly MURPHY!