Here’s a picture of me with a freakin’ whale.

That’s all you need to know, right?! (Just kidding) But that IS a real photo, #NoPhotoshop, and I’ll tell you all about how I got there ANY TIME.


Ok enough about the whale-

Hi, I’m Sara! My birth certificate said Sarah but in kindergarten I made my first big executive decision and lost the H.

I am a 20-something gal who grew up in a suburban bubble but who also loves a good cannon ball into the unknown (re: me & that whale up there). I am a big people person on most days and a hermit on days where I'm recovering from the hype of 10-hour weddings. I am known to serve big energy and copious terrible dad jokes, and I have a zero-tolerance policy for unkind people because what’s the point. I am always exploring what makes me happy, pushing boundaries, and (according to my pals) usually talking too loudly in public.

My purpose in this weird life is to love as hard as possible, spread good, and find ways to bring people together. (&, also, to laugh as hard and as often as I can). Through my lens, I am deeply passionate about finding and capturing moments in life that show human connection in all of its emotional, beautiful, messy, magical forms. 

That connection is what I freakin’ love about photography. With my camera in hand, I have met the most badass, wonderful strangers who quickly turn into lifelong friends. I have attended and third-wheeled dozens of people's "best days," which I feel is a true privilege. Love makes the world go ‘round and I’m just here to experience it all.

At every wedding, I get emotional a FEW times (but don't worry, I've mastered the art of crying ONLY ENOUGH so that I can still see clearly through my viewfinder). I am in love with a wonderful, selfless, hilarious, majestic man, so I lose my marbles every time a couple shares a first look. My Dad (Harebear as I fondly call him) is the greatest human West of the Mississippi, so when the father of the bride grabs her hand for that first dance... I'm done for. My Mom has been my rock, my queen, my role model, and my mentor since we were wombmates (and also loves all weddings even if it's strangers on TLC), so when a bride's mom is helping zip up her wedding dress... all I see is Judy! Throughout your wedding, I feel emotions with you. I will give you 200% of myself and be your hype girl & biggest fan. I will not BS you if your hair looks wack or you have lipstick on your teeth. I will capture moments that you'll want to share with not only your Facebook friends, but your children & their children. Time is so, so fleeting, but photos can always take us back to a feeling, a time, & a place.

So yeah, I am a wedding & portrait photographer based just north of Los Angeles, California. I take photos of people in love, beautiful gatherings, and really whatever event you want to immortalize with photographs. And I am so, so obsessed with my job that it often doesn't click that I'm working. How lucky am I to get to hang out with you on one of your "best days?!"

My sixth grade teacher once gave me a detention and said no one would ever want to work with me because I talk too much, so if you have me as your photographer, you and I can prove her wrong. 

(TL;DR) Too Long, Didn't Read: I love my job. And I'll probably love you.

OH PS I'll also take over the dance floor with your grandma / niece / uncle.

(You've been warned).

If you think we would make magic together, drop me a line (or two) by clicking below.

Sara (no H)