Megan & PJ // Malibu Engagements


Megan & PJ’s fathers grew up together in New York City and their families were always friends. They crossed paths several times while growing up when Megan’s family would visit NYC.

Years later, they reunited at a family wedding in Niagara falls and hit it off. After talking for a few months, Megan moved to New York from California and her whirlwind romance with PJ officially began!

PJ worked part-time at a bar in the city and Megan spent many nights there hanging out, drinking beer, and eating tasty pretzels with him. Their relationship grew stronger and eventually they decided to move out to California together!

When Megan reached out to me via email about her wedding, I probably responded in 25 seconds. The way she wrote conveyed her golden personality, and while reading it, I thought to myself “even if she doesn’t book me for her wedding, I just want to be friends with this girl!” I just had a weird feeling we’d get along great, and BOY was I right. Hours later we had a phone call and officially decided to work together, and moments after we hung up, we made plans via text to meet for sushi that week!

Later that week, after Megan and I had a two-hour lunch and recounted our entire lives up until that point (lol), I felt like we’d been friends for years. Somehow we missed each other GROWING UP IN THE SAME TOWN AND ATTENDING THE SAME SMALL COLLEGE, but I was so thankful that she reached out to me about wedding photography and gave me the opportunity to make up for lost time!

Since that lunch, we’ve been close friends and I’ve had the pleasure meeting PJ (& eating the most amazing meals he prepares). I’ve laughed my ass off taking ridiculous Boomerangs of them romping around the mall to shop for engagement photo clothes. I’ve had the honor of third-wheeling many glorious happy hours across the table from them. And I am so thankful to have these two angels in my life, & so dang excited for their wedding next summer.

Shooting engagement photos for these two really just felt like the three of us hanging out. It was relaxed, super natural, and such a blast to spend time with them in Malibu. We were able to enjoy the beautiful weather, dip our toes in the ocean, and capture little moments of goofiness, romance, and magic between them.

How lucky am I to have met these two because of my job, and how lucky to now call them both good friends!? Life is good, and Megan & PJ are great.