Taryn and Erik // Giracci Vineyard Wedding


Please show me a love story cuter than Taryn & Erik’s. Spoiler: you can’t.

Let’s rewind 20 years to when Taryn was performing in her first piano recital in front of a crowd. Mid-way through her performance, she completely forgot how to play the song, and the auditorium went quiet. A blonde boy stood up, blocking Taryn’s father’s video camera view, and said “you can do it!” and moments later Taryn resumed her song and finished strong.

That little boy was Erik.

Taryn & Erik have known each other their whole lives, and disconnected and reconnected many times throughout. They went on a date in high-school (which Taryn’s sister hysterically recounted during her speech), kept in touch, and years later on March 17th, had one of the most beautiful weddings of all-time.

The support and love for Taryn & Erik’s courtship was SO evident to me as I documented their wedding day. Every friend and family member looked on with adoration as they said “I do” in a beautiful Catholic ceremony, and shed tears and cheered along as they had their first dance as husband and wife later that afternoon at Giracci Vineyards in Irvine.

Family from South Africa & friends from all over the country filled a barn as Taryn’s father performed a legendary 15-minute toast that he somehow memorized and flawlessly delivered. Later, their dance floor lit up as every single guest celebrated the Smiths by boogying the night away.

There are a few love stories that stop you in your tracks & make you say “you’ve got to be kidding, how is this real?!” and Taryn & Erik’s is one of those. It was an incredible honor to be a part of their perfect day.

sara knobel