Kind Words


One of the greatest parts of my job is getting to know & love my clients; often, they become life-long friends. It is a privilege to be let into their world (and sometimes.. under their literal veil with them & their new spouse) to experience and capture such important moments.

Here’s a few ridiculously kind words from beautiful people who let me into their lives, hearts, & families as their photographer.



Megan & PJ

“I wish there was a combination of words to accurately describe how amazing Sara is along with her insane talent. When booking a wedding photographer, I knew I needed to find someone who would bring me out of my awkward photo-taking shell while also capturing the mutual weirdness + silliness that is me and my husband. When I found Sara, I was surprised to learn we grew up in the same town AND went to the same college but hadn’t met. It was a match made in heaven. Flash forward to our wedding day—Sara’s energy was contagious & had our family rolling in laughter. Once we got our photos back (at impeccable bullet train speed) I found myself looking at them every day. They take me back to all the love and happiness of our wedding day. When you pour your heart into planning something for over a year, it’s important to invest in someone that can capture the day and all the wonderful emotions associated with it so you can re-live it every day thereafter. Sara is hands down the best investment I made for my wedding and I can’t wait to have Sara capture many of our life milestones in the future.”


Shelby & Alex

“It’s so hard to put into words how perfect Sara made our experience, but here is our best try without writing a novel: From booking, then the wedding, then the speedy delivery of the photos (we got a text that night with 20 photos and all our photos the next week on our honeymoon)! Everything was stress-free & seamless for us, and she made us feel like we were her only clients. Sara was always smiling and cracking jokes to lighten the mood during the whole process. She carefully planned out our timeline, which was a task—we had a bunch of photos to get through with no first look and sunset an hour after the ceremony. The day of, a lot went wrong & our timeline was a mess: the makeup artist showed up late and my dress didn’t arrive until an hour before the ceremony. Sara was not phased, & through the chaos, kept telling me it would be fine and we’d get all the shots we wanted. Of course Sara made it happen—literally every single one of our photos was framing worthy. We are so awkward and not great at taking photos, but that didn’t show at all in our photos. Sara posed us perfectly, captured our romantic and fun sides, & dealt with all the logistics of when and where to take photos! We are still gushing over our photos and how perfectly they capture our relationship and our special day. Thank you x a million Sara”


Alycia & Caitlin

“Working with Sara was an absolute life saver on our big day. She took some of the most amazing photos that we will hold and cherish for the rest of our lives! Sara is a natural photographer—funny and charming with all our guests, and taking charge when she needed to. We can’t imagine our day without her, and we are so honored that our memories will shine through in her wonderfully talented work.


The Turners”


Keith & Kelly

“We don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Sara freakin’ Knobel. It doesn’t even feel like we are writing about our wedding photographer, but rather a new and lasting friend. From the moment we met Sara, it felt as if we had known her our entire lives. We loved every second of our time with her. From our engagement shoot to our wedding day, she always made us feel so comfortable. Whenever we were together, we were always smiling and busting up laughing. Sara is so thoughtful and caring and really put in the extra effort to make us feel special. She exceeded our expectations with her amazing photos that we will cherish forever. We cannot wait to have Sara continue to capture our future life events!”


Kati & Garrett

“Sara was, hands down the best photographer we could have ever imagined having for our wedding. She brought so much joy and laughter to our special day. Every single photo (over 900!) came out stunning! I am beyond thrilled with how every important moment was captured so perfectly. I am never going to stop obsessing over them!! Not only is she a phenomenal photographer, she is truly a pleasure to work with. She is the type of person you want around you on your wedding day - her hilarious commentary really helps calm the pre-wedding nerves, and makes for extra smiley photos! On top of taking spectacular pictures and being an awesome human being, she also got our images to us in record breaking time - along with more hilarious commentary, of course. :) We absolutely loved having Sara as our photographer and can’t wait to work with her again!”


Lisa & Alex

“We cannot stop recommending Sara to everyone around us! Not only are her pictures amazing (really, really amazing), but she also has a genuine heart and made the shoot SO much fun. We got our engagement photos in two days even though we told her not to rush. She works so hard and is excited with you each step of the way. She made us feel incredibly comfortable throughout the shoot and we were so pleased to have SPECTACULAR results in our email inbox so soon. She really does capture every moment perfectly..”


Nicki & Justin

“My husband is not a huge fan of photos, so I was worried about finding a photographer who he would like (and feel comfortable with). I couldn’t be happier that we found Sara, and I would make the same decision a hundred more times if I could. She had us laughing throughout our entire day, making us feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. Not only is she hysterical and able to make everyone smile in pictures, but she captures every little moment so perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with our wedding photos, and everyone keeps asking “who took those?!” because they are simply incredible. Sara is my top recommendation for a photographer for weddings, and I hope to use her again and again and again in the future for all our photography needs as we grow our family!”


Vanessa & Nick

“I exclusively, only have amazing things to say about Sara! My husband and I have been on the opposite side of the camera a few times, but shooting with Sara was hands-down our FAVORITE TIME EVER! Not just because of the insanely true-to-our-character photos she was able to create, but also because of her upbeat, fun, lighthearted, and loving character. I don’t think I have ever been so complimented in such a short period of time - literally! She wouldn’t stop joking and lifting our spirits throughout the entire shoot. She made it so easy to relax and feel comfortable to be ourselves. These photos are the only ones I have ever gotten back that really felt like they captured who we are, our personalities, our *too long* and messy hair, and squishy cheek smiles. More than just the photos, working with Sara and getting to know her has been one of the best things that could’ve happened! She is the most kind and thoughtful person ever and I would recommend Sara to anyone! SHE IS AMAZING!”


Erin & Alex

"The best decision we made in the entire wedding planning process was hiring Sara to be our photographer. Our photos are truly spectacular. It isn't just that she captures the right lighting and perfect smiles, it's that Sara has a way about her that puts everyone at ease and allows them to be their true selves. Her photographs showcased our personalities and captured the little moments I treasured most on our wedding day. We spent the whole time with her laughing and enjoying ourselves, which was only made better by the quality of the photos we got back. Not to mention the fact that after the wedding, Sara got our photos to us in what I'm sure was record time. Planning a wedding can be crazy and stressful. If you want one decision to be flawless without you having to do a single thing yourself, hire Sara. You will not regret it.”

Taryn & Erik

"Sara's pictures are wonderful (like really awesome), but her personality is what makes her the best choice. We used Sara for our Engagement Photos and our Wedding, and she has a talent at making photos less annoying and uncomfortable. As I am not a male model and had never done a photoshoot before, let alone whilst kissing my fiancé/wife, it was a pretty uncomfortable thought before the Engagement Photos. But once I met Sara and we started, all the uncomfortable feelings went away because of her demeanor and candor with us during the experience; and it absolutely showed in the end result. I guess I didn't talk about the photos much, as they speak for themselves (come on, they are great), but most photographers can take good photos, and you get something really special with Sara."


Jess & Ben

“Our wedding day was 95 degrees, my hair was stuck to my neck, yet she made my husband and I look as if we just stepped out of a fairytale. Her spunk and energy brought smiles out of everyone from our baby cousins to our grandma and grandpas. Now that all is said and done, our family has her photos to cherish forever; both moments my husband and I witnessed at our wedding, and moments that were sheer joy to first see while looking through our finished album. Booking Sara was the most confident choice I made in wedding planning, and she was hands down our best vendor! Thank you, Sara! We were honored to have you be a part of the most important day of our lives."


Roni & Brendan

“I cannot say enough good things about Sara. She was, hands down, the best vendor decision we made for our wedding. We were dreading taking photos all day, but Sara made the whole process effortless, hilarious, and beautiful. My wedding guests still talk about how great she was. She was so professional and even sent us all of our photos within 48 hours! Seriously, she’s amazing.”


Alexi & Tommy

“Photography in general can be a stressful process, both for the photographer and the subject. When you are getting married, you’re going to want a great photographer to capture the moment. Sara will not only provide stunning photography of your big day (photos that make all your relatives oooh and ahhh over your elegance and beauty) but also keep you engaged (no pun intended), laughing and happy throughout the entire process. Sara shot both our engagement photos and our wedding, and we had so much fun throughout both experiences because she kept us laughing. The photos literally looked like a fairytale (and multiple people have mentioned those exact words to us after seeing the photos). Not only that, but she even protected us from wild cactus thorns in the wilderness during our engagement session. We’d rate her an 11 out of 10. Thank you for everything Sara, you are incredible!”


Jenny & Chris

“Sara was truly amazing to work with on our wedding day! From the very beginning she guided me through the entire process, and was always available if I had any questions! She helped me create a timeline that we were able to stick to, and get each and every shot…including some impromptu funny photographs [see left]. Sara gave us a sense of ease in front of the camera, which definitely helped curb the nerves and made the photographs come out very natural. We also loved all of the unique shots that we would have never even thought of doing. She provided an over the top experience that made each and every single person at the wedding feel very comfortable, which absolutely showed through in the photographs. Thank you so much for being apart of one of the best days of our lives, and capturing it perfectly!"

Christie & Garrett

“Working with Sara was an absolute dream! From taking detail photos, to the ceremony, and beyond- she just made the whole day so special! She is a professional through and through, though by the end of the day it was as if she was part of the family. Sara made our special day that much more memorable.”


Sarah & Michael

"Sara is an incredibly talented photographer and is extremely personable and enjoyable to work with! She has captured so many special moments of our family that I will cherish forever. She has a truly great eye and takes photography to another level. She has a distinct and gorgeous photography style and I would highly recommend her services to everyone!"



"Sara is a dream to work with! She photographed my best friend's wedding, and did an absolutely amazing job. Sara made everyone feel so comfortable being in front of the camera and always knew how to make us laugh or move - let's be honest taking wedding photos can sometimes feel like an awkward prom photo, but she makes it so much fun. Even better, all of the photos are bright and happy and perfectly capture the wedding day - you can literally feel the love we felt radiating through each photo. She truly cared about the couple, their love story, their family, our friends, and all the guests, and was really part of the big day. These photos are exact captures of how I remember the day, and I am so grateful she was there to save every minute."