Kati & Garrett // Canyon Ranch Wedding


Kati & Garrett were friends for years, and Garrett allegedly always had a crush on her. Kati’s friends repeatedly tried to convince her that Garrett would be a GREAT boyfriend, and somewhere along the way, I guess she gave it a shot! Kati’s sister Desi said in her speech that after their first date, “Kati never came home!”

With a strong foundation of friendship, Kati & Garrett fell in love quickly and just a few years later, got engaged. I felt so lucky to be a part of their love story by photographing their wedding, and WOW was it a beautiful day. Their celebration was so, so special for about 903 reasons. I’ll only break down a few.

Kati & Garrett chose the most stunning venue to tie the knot. Canyon Ranch is owned by Garrett’s uncle & aunt, and I believe only one other couple has ever gotten married there. They use it as a film location— with diverse landscapes on the property between the sprawling trees and the absolutely stunning hilltop views. It was an unbelievable backdrop for a romantic, rustic wedding ceremony & reception.

Garrett and Kati were SO calm and excited the entire day. They both seemed very at-ease and ready to say “I do” & party with their friends and family. They didn’t seem stressed for one moment—except maybe when Kati got stuck inside her wedding dress while trying to put it on (please see the photo below and laugh with me).

Kati & Garrett’s three nieces made the CUTEST flower girls (even though one turned back mid-aisle LOL) and spending the day around their bubbly energy was such a blast. From seeing Kati in her wedding dress for the first time and Clara ALMOST DROPPING HER SNACKS OUT OF HER MOUTH while Carter covered her face and GASPED, to absolutely rocking the dance floor, these girls really truly thought they were the stars of the day and I loved it. Kati didn’t mind one bit.

While photographing the beautiful newlyweds after they tied the knot (they didn’t see each other before their ceremony and WOW Garrett’s face did make me cry when he first saw Kati thank you for asking), they were completely effortless with each other. Every time I pressed the shutter, there was a new detail to capture—from Kati’s sweet smile each time Garrett touched or kissed her, to Garrett’s cheek-to-cheek grin when Kati jumped in his arms. Each emotion and moment felt so authentic and joyful. These two love each other SO beautifully, calmly, and effortlessly, and I felt like a very lucky third wheel.

I suppose I could write about this couple forever but I’ll let you see for yourselves what makes them so beautiful and so special. K & G, thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding. It was all-time wonderful.