Cienna & Dallin // Sedona Elopement Shoot


I already wrote about how much I love these two when I posted their engagement session, but it’s worth reminding you of some IMPORTANT qualities about them: Dallin & Cienna are obsessed with Taco Bell and their two cats. And each other.

The day after they met, Dallin asked Cienna to be his girlfriend, and they’ve been together ever since! Talk about love at first sight; they never second-guessed their overwhelming adoration for one another.

I met them in Arizona and got the opportunity to shoot some engagement photos for them as well as a styled elopement. We ran around the Sedona hills, & Cienna wore one of the most beautiful flower crowns I’ve EVER seen—sorry Coachella.

These two are absolutely effortless together. Their ease with each other & in front of the camera was refreshing and exciting! There was no moment they shared that didn’t turn into a beautiful picture, so narrowing down a gallery was a TASK. Photographing them was like photographing two bonafide models. I’ll shut up. You’ll see what I mean!