Dominique & Roger // San Francisco Engagement Session


I don’t even know where to start with this post of Dominique & Roger!!!! Bear with me as I delve into the depths of my adoration for these two.

Dominique is one of my few true lady-loves in this world. About 6 years ago, we met in college, and after sitting in the same class for a year but never meeting (though she said she had a girl-crush on me... swoon) we ended up on the same study abroad trip in Florence, Italy. In the time we spent in Europe living on the ZILLIONTH floor of a janky apartment complex, I quickly realized how unbelievably beautiful, kind, hilarious, and sweet Dom was. We bonded during classes about Italian art, over bottomless bowls of pasta, and through dozens of miles walked around the city. I was so drawn to her magnetic smile, the precious way she laughed at almost every dumb thing I said, and our shared disenchantment with nightlife (lol). We became close friends and have been ever since. Now, this stunning woman is a special education teacher in San Francisco, and I can’t begin to explain how lucky I think all of her students are! She is selfless, patient, and brilliant.

I know what you’re thinking.. how am I okay with her getting married to Roger if I’M in love with her. WELL, I shall explain.

Dominique and Roger met in high school and started dating. They were together for a few years, and did the cutest high school sweetheart stuff—like going to the same carnival each year and taking photos in the photo booth together in the same poses. Well, college came around and life (for many of us) was confusing and felt so up-in-the-air, so Dom & Roger spent some time apart. After a short amount of time, life led them back to one another and they’ve been together ever since.

The way Dom described Roger to me before I met him proved to be 500% accurate when we finally were introduced. She told me about how patient, kind, loving, attentive, ambitious, HANDSOME, and wonderful he was. When I met Roger, I saw how he looked at & treated Dominique, and I realized how perfect he was for my gal. From then on, I always knew (and hoped and prayed) that I’d get the opportunity to be at their wedding one day!

Fast forward a few years—I see a call from a random number on my phone and I don’t answer. I listen to the voicemail, and it’s Dominique’s mom telling me that Roger is proposing that following weekend and asking if I could be there to photograph the occasion. I call her back and end up CRYING on the phone over the fact that I would be out of town and was devastated to miss the proposal. AnYwaY, that weekend, everything wen’t off without a hitch and Dom & Roger got ENGAGED!

Last weekend, I met up with these two angels in San Francisco to take some engagement photos. The wind was blowing at a GENTLE 20mph, and we basically ended up inside of a cloud. Despite the weather, we had such a wonderful time jaunting around SF at some awesome spots—including a SIGN WITH ROGER’S LAST NAME ON IT (which will eventually be Dom’s last name), a beautiful garden at USF, and some magical flowery woods at Golden Gate Park. Through spending more time with them, it really struck me how outstandingly HAPPY they are together. Every gust of wind brought hysterical laughter, and they were so easy-going and comfortable with each other. Photographing them was a dream and every photo has a real feeling of joy.

Words can’t deSCRIBE how excited I am to be a part of their wedding next summer in Cancun. Yes, it’s in Cancun, so that helps… but I simply can’t wait to see a woman I adore and admire SO MUCH marry the love of her life. Roger, you’re a lucky man… and I guess you have my blessing. :)