Deepak & Sharan // Point Dume Proposal


A couple of years ago, Deepak & Sharan met on a dating app (like 90% of my recent clients, funny enough) and swiped themselves straight into true love. Deepak recently got in touch with me to orchestrate the perfect proposal for his love, and with the help of two good friends and the luck of a few dolphins, everything worked out perfectly!

I met up with Deepak’s friends at Point Dume in Malibu to set up the scene. They came armed with roses (that we destroyed and turned into a beautiful rose petal display), champagne, photos of the lovebirds, and a TENT TO HANG OUT IN AND SPY ON THE ENGAGEMENT. They were a crack-up.

Game time came when we spotted Deepak in the parking lot. He arrived with Sharan, who was blindfolded, and began to make his way down the beach. Suddenly, he looked at us, lowered his eyebrows, and made a mad sprint back to his car. He had left the engagement ring in the car—the one thing you can’t arrive at your proposal without. We all laughed it off as he rejoined Sharan and led her to the proposal setup. He then told her to take off her blindfold, & the sweetest proposal unfolded. *SPOILER ALERT* Sharan said yes!

It was such a pleasure to be a part of this moment! We popped champagne, strolled around the beach to capture some photos, and celebrated the occasion. As I left the beach, it started to POUR rain, so I was so thrilled everything went so seamlessly for this kind, beautiful couple!