Nick & Justine // Malibu Engagement Session


Justine & Nick met a few years back through mutual friends in Kansas City. Nick only planned to be in town temporarily, so neither of them pursued anything with one another (even though Justine thought Nick was absurdly handsome).

At a Christmas party a few months later, they met again. Turns out Nick had stayed longer than he’d planned! Wearing a DIY sweater embellished with berets, pins, and other nonsense he found in the local craft section, Nick found Justine at the table playing drinking games with friends. They ended up playing the next game against each other, and during the game, at the same exact time, they decided to go under the table to pet a dog. You can't make this stuff up. 

They talked all evening and both describe simply and effortlessly falling for each other. Justine said she knew that day that he was the one, and could hardly explain how magical she felt when she was with Nick that night. Nick wrote "you are a beauty" on a type writer in the room they were hanging out in; she didn't find that note until later. By the end of the night, they were absolutely smitten with each other. Fast forward three years: Nick proposed in the pouring rain and these two were engaged! 

I've known Justine since college and she's always stood out in my memory as one of the most unwaveringly positive and joyous humans I've ever met. She is easy to love, and someone you always want to be around. Her heart is generous and kind, and her smile is magnetic. Meeting Nick for the first time for their session, it was crystal clear that they were meant for one another. My sweet Justine found the one who compliments her gentle heart & zeal for life, and I could not be happier for them both.

For their session, we arrived at the beach (the one time I didn't check the tides) to find a hysterical adventure. For an hour, we sprinted between waves and cracked up in between / during every photo. I told Nick I’d get him a souvenir shirt that reads “I Wet My Pants in Malibu” to commemorate his first visit. Something about hectic weather / circumstances helps everyone loosen up and feel ridiculous. It was so electric and so much dang fun. Then we went to In n Out.

I cannot wait to travel to Kansas City next year and witness these two beautiful, compassionate, sweet souls say "I do." I already know it's going to be the greatest day ever. 

Enjoy these wild & precious engagement photos!