Jennie & Mike // Crystal Cove Engagement Session


Four years ago (almost to the day), Jennie & Mike went on their first date. They had known each other informally for a while through their yoga studio, but after starting teacher training together and getting to know each other better, Mike asked Jennie out. She didn’t know it was a date, so she showed up in sweats and no makeup (lol). They went to THIS SAME BEACH & to dinner at Bearflag (where we also went to dinner) and ended up talking for hours that night.

After just one more date (which Jennie.. knew was a real date), these two fell for each other & they’ve been inseparable ever since. Mike & Jennie have built their relationship by traveling to dozens of countries together, hiking more miles than I can fathom, and SWIMMING WITH WHALES IN TONGA JUST MONTHS AFTER I DID! When you’ve shared the experience of swimming with those cutie angel whales, you form an instant friendship, and I loved these two the moment I met them. Spending time with them for their engagement session was SO much fun, and they are freakin’ magic together.

These photos are some of my favorites ever…. so prepare your eyeballs!

*creates Post-It countdown to tick off the days until their wedding next year*