Lisa & Alex // Malibu Engagement Session


Way back in high school, Lisa & Alex were in the same group of friends and regularly hung out. They parted ways for college, but once they both graduated & moved back to Southern California, they began spending more time together. A few dates in, they fell for each other and have been together ever since! 4 years later, Alex proposed in Laguna Beach.

Lisa & Alex are planning a Hawaiian destination wedding, and wanted some fun and beachy engagement photos to match that vibe! I met them down at El Matador Beach in Malibu, where I happily third-wheeled them as the sun set beautifully behind the stunning landscape of rocks along the coast.

These two had me saying “WOW” from behind my camera throughout our entire session—they were so sweet, giggly, and fun together and had an ease with one another. They told me that they had practiced poses in the mirror (I screamed) and it SHOWED—every frame of them looks so natural & precious.

Throughout our session, we took little breaks just to chat and Lisa & Alex were SO genuine and kind. I had many “wow, this is my job!” moments while we took photos & ran away from waves, and I left with a huge smile on my face!

Anyway, I am BIG fan of these two, and can’t wait to see how absolutely beautiful their wedding will be next year!