Sasha & Getho // The Vineyards Simi Valley Wedding


Sasha & Getho (AKA Jet) met through Sasha’s cousin // Jet’s friend a few years ago. In their early courtship—many people joked in their wedding speeches—Sasha friend-zoned Jet. Time passed, Jet lept out of the friend-zone, and these two sweet souls fell for each other. Once Sasha gave Jet that second shot, they were inseparable.

Sasha and Jet’s wedding was filled with beautiful, loving energy and strong, clear pride and support for the couple; about 20(!!!) bridesmaids & groomsmen stood by Sasha & Jet as they said “I do.” There were so many memorable moments from the celebration, but a few stood out-

-Sasha & Jet shared a first-look that made me cry like a lost child at Costco. Jet was SO expressive and excited to see his bride.. the photos tell a real story and it was so fun to witness.

-They had 5!!! wedding cakes (because why just have 1?)?

-Sasha & her girls choreographed a dance to “Formation” before the bouquet toss. It was flawless with only two brief rehearsals.

-Jet performed a steamy garter serenade to “Pony”. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one blushing at his dance moves.. & his dive under Sasha’s gown…

-My very favorite moment: right after they sealed their vows with a kiss: they DANCED down the aisle to “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge. It was… iconic.

These two were so emotive throughout the entire day, wearing their joy and excitement right on their faces. Feeling like I was able to photograph how everything FELT made my job pure fun, and I can’t help but think that a few of their reaction photos would make AMAZING memes..

Photographing Mr. & Mrs. Jeudine’s wedding day was just plain wonderful and I am so excited to share these photos.