Megan and PJ // Triunfo Creek Vineyard Wedding


I met Megan about a year ago when we went on a blind friend date to Sushi. A few days before, she reached out about her upcoming wedding, and we had a quick phone call detailing her plans & confirming that I would be her wedding photog. Somehow, we went to the same college, grew up in the same city, but somehow NEVER met. The stars aligned when she found my work and connected to what she saw on my website + Instagram. When I read her email, I instantly knew we would get along and (hopefully, if I played my cards right) be great friends. After we hit it off on the phone, our Sushi date felt like hanging out with an old friend.

Fast forward a year: Megan is one of my closest pals, we work out together multiple times a week & have spent months going over every detail big & small about her wedding. This past weekend, the day finally ARRIVED! On a sunny (and warm warm warm) day at Triunfo Creek Vineyard in Agoura Hills, Megan & PJ tied the knot.

PJ & Megan’s love story is a unique one:  their fathers grew up together in New York City and their families were always friends. They crossed paths several times while growing up when Megan’s family would visit NYC.

5 years ago, they reunited at a family wedding in Niagara falls and hit it off. After talking for a few months, Megan moved to New York from California and her whirlwind romance with PJ officially began!

PJ worked part-time at a bar in the city and Megan spent many nights there hanging out, drinking beer, and eating tasty pretzels with him. Their relationship grew stronger and eventually they decided to move out to California together.. and ultimately got engaged!

Ok, back to the present: their wedding was spectacular. Megan had a constant and enormous smile on her face, PJ and his groomsmen brought personality and silliness to the affair, and all of their friends & family brought love and support to the Vineyard. It was clear that they were so excited to celebrate the love these two share.

 As their photographer, I felt honored to get to spend the day with two people who I genuinely love so much and have become so close to. Seeing everything the Pragers planned (which I’d heard about over many workouts that Megan and I gossiped through) come to life was so cool. They DIY’d so many elements of the wedding and really put their personalities into the décor, details, and entire day.

Mr. & Mrs. Prager’s wedding was perfect, complete with a neon sign that a friend of mine created for them (shoutout to NeThingYouWantLA), a stunning sunset that we spent up on the mountain ridge, a lavender-embellished homemade cake Megan’s mom created for the couple, a wild dance floor, and a FREAKIN’ KOGI TRUCK. I took four slider home. It’s fine.

I am so honored to get to be a part of celebrations like this, and to make lifelong friends along the way. YEESH I am lucky.

Congratulations to Megan & PJ—two people who are independently wonderful, but together are magical.