Jenna & Kyle // Malibu Maternity Session


Jenna and Kyle met at Lafayette college when Kyle and his friends were scaring people for fun in Jenna’s freshman dorm. Hearing the commotion & being a fan of such pranks, Jenna joined in on the fun. She was particularly impressed by Kyle when he was the only one to shake her hand and introduce himself after the scare-fest.

After meeting, the two crossed paths a few times and hung out with mutual friends. When the time came that they were both single and had become close friends, Jenna invited Kyle on a family trip to Martha’s Vineyard. At a giant lighthouse, Kyle asked Jenna to be his girlfriend.

It didn’t take long for these two to realize they’d found their soulmate in one another. A year after getting together, Kyle proposed in Hawaii and surprised Jenna by having her entire family fly out to celebrate. A short while down the line (and within a three week span), Jenna graduated college, became Kyle’s wife, and moved across the country. They got married near the same lighthouse where Kyle asked her to be his girlfriend, and recently, they visited it again on their 5 year anniversary.

In the years since they tied the knot, Jenna and Kyle started a company that they poured their hearts and souls into, got a frenchie, sold their company and simultaneously found out they were expecting a baby, and moved into a new home. Now, they are getting ready for “a new roommate” and enjoying their time together before welcoming their first baby.

I was close friends with Kyle’s sister when we were young kids, and last summer, she and I reconnected when I photographed her wedding! When I was 8-10 and more recently at Erin’s wedding, every memory I have of Kyle includes his Crest-commercial smile, his unwavering friendliness, and his kind warmth.

Jenna could not possibly be a better fit for Kyle; she always radiates positive energy, has a hilarious sense of humor, is STuNniNgly beautiful, and is such a fun-loving gal—there are NO dull moments when Jenna is around. She gave the best maid-of-honor speech I’ve ever heard last year, and was happy to goof around between formal photos at her maternity shoot, dancing and laughing along the beach. Seeing Jenna and Kyle playfully interact during their session was such a blast, and I know things will only get more exciting as they add a tiny new member to their family.

I cannot wait to meet the baby boy Kyle and Jenna bring into the world in just a couple of months! I am certain that they will be absolutely legendary parents, and that their lives with their new little one will be full of joy, laughter, and goodness.

It was so much fun to capture this time in their lives before they go from Mr. & Mrs. Triplett to mom & dad.